Podere Anima Mundi Tuscan Glou Glou 6-Pack

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Tags: Canaiolo, Pugnitello, Sangiovese, trebbiano
Type: PACK
We love these Vin de Soif wines from Marta Sierota, a French/Polish winemaker in Tuscany that thinks wine should always be elegant and funny! The estate Podere Anima Mundi specialises in purity, being natural and respecting the terroir. Produced from of one variety of grape, without mixtures or additions, there are a few lesser known varieties. They tell us about Tuscany, the climate, the soil and the air – they express this unique and perfect combination. All biodynamic, these wines express the quintessence of the terroir, while managing to be seriously Vin de Soif i.e. SMASHABLE!
Little Dreamer is a skin contact white wine made from Trebbiano. A minor component of a lot of Chianti Classico, Canaiolo Rosato a super light red/rose suitable for sundowning. Face to Face is made from Sangiovese, Rosso Normale is Foglia Tondo, Strange Days is Pugnitello and Bad Girls Go Everywhere is Pugnitello and is bottled in ONE LITRE! All seriously throatable, glou glou wines. STSWine