Ribera del Duero DRINKING 6-Pack

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Ribera Del Duero is 100% Tempranillo (known regionally as Tinta Pais). The wines are generally concentrated and powerful, and while oak is an important structural component, the best wines rely on freshness and purity to convey the region. We have a festival of RDD starting with RIBERA DEL DUERO DRINKING 6-PACK to convery the region, all for drinking now, though more or less any RDD is a great cellarable proposition. This is a STEAL for €120 (shelf price €145).

ABADÍA DE ACÓN JOVEN is a fantastic introduction to the variety and the style of Ribera Del Duero Tinta Pais, it is bright and lifted and pure, and matured in stainless steel. EMILIO MORO FINCA RESALSO is also made in a Joven style, but with a warm lick of oak. GALINITA CIEGA with striking label art is a wine made from ancient varietal clones but modern methods, and tasteful use of American oak. ARROCAL ROBLE is one of our wines of the year, ready to go RDD in a bottle reminiscent of Vega Sicilia (mistake I'm sure). ESPANTABURROS TINTO represents a new paradigm but made in the old way. Tinta Pais, but with a few bunches of other indigenous bits thrown in. QUINTA MILU LA COMETA is, for our money one of the best value wines around, let alone in RDD. It is vivacious but stylish with completely integrated French Oak. STSWine