Roka New Releases 6-Pack: Irish Wine in Slovenia

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The ROKA winery is run by Liam & Sinead Cabot. Dublin based wine importers and retailers initially, they were on the verge of opening a wine bar but had a last minute change of heart and went the other way - the other way being uprooting and moving to Mayo (calling Roisin Curley! what is it about Mayo?!) and buying a vineyard in Slovenia! STSWiners will recognise Roka (though the labels are new) as we have done the last couple of vintages. 2020 is the best set of releases yet, they deal in 3 varieties, Laski and Furmint (white) and Blaufrankisch (Red). 

The Laški Rizling is deadly, matching plump fruit with minerality and a little twist of oak for texture, it's both a gastro wine but totally smashable too - won't last long. Furmint generally is high acidity, but is usually very neutral. This has an absolute thunderbolt of buzzy acidity, but with a deeper pitched fruit profile than I've seen in the variety (oysters anyone?). The Blaufrankisch, a red variety generally found in Austria, is just drinking pleasure. It has a structure approaching something akin to Beaujolais, but with a deep graphite and black and blue fruit savouriness (that actually recalls St. Joseph Syrahs). All 3 show great evolution in the glass. No chemicals and INCREDIBLY hand made - this is boutique. STSWine