Every Rosé Has it's Thorn 6-Pack 2023

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Let's get this straight. If you don't drink pink you need more fun in your life. I hear people talking about it not being a serious wine as some sort of gotcha comment - that's the bloody point of rosé! One of our favourite offers of the year is the rosé 6-Pack, because it signals Spring and Summer, it signals sunshine and mates, it signals BBQs and too many bottles being opened and at €115 reduced from €133 our Every Rosé has it's Thorn 6-Pack is a winner! 

We have leant into France here and have some of the country's most famous producers. LA COSTE is THE it producer of the moment. Boasting the largest outdoor art collection in the world and frequent wedding location for the wealthy and celebs - it takes the modern Rose box! 'Rose 'd'Un Nuit' cuts a very traditional figure, while 'Lady A' is more modern in style and packaging. Housed in a traditional Rose bottle, NICOLAS IDIART ESPERANCE ROSE is a hugely popular and reliable Rose that simply features every year. Moving towards the Rhone Valley, CHERECHE MIDI ROSE is a beautifully pale and elegant drop that goes far too quick. Fantastically named SUMMER WATER is from California, and the curveball at the end is the FRISACH ROSADO from Spain, a delicious wine that can be tilted toward food but this is not essential. STSWine