S.C. Pannell 'Basso' Garnacha 2017

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Red Wine /// 100% Grenache // McLaren Vale / Australia
Steven Pannell is one of Australia's best winemakers. He established his own winery in 2004 and has since become the benchmark producer for the McLaren Vale. Unfiltered and unfined with minimal intervention, this is true McLaren Vale Grenache. Mid weight, juicy and lively it has a lovely finish and its supple tannins make it great with or without food. Open this wine and it'll be gone in 45 minutes, which is always a pity as the last sip is always the best. Serving Suggestion: open 2 at a time. STSWine

This is the wine of Prince Oberyn Martell. Rugged, sensual, unfined, primal, charming. This is a wine for drinking now, and drinking fast. STSWine