Slovenia & Hungary Mixed Dozen

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Roka New Release 6-Pack
Modern Hungary 6-Pack

Get the full experience of this Eastern European Revelation!

The ROKA winery is run by Liam & Sinead Cabot. Dublin based wine importers and retailers initially, they were on the verge of opening a wine bar but had a last minute change of heart and went the other way - the other way being uprooting and moving to Mayo (calling Roisin Curley! what is it about Mayo?!) and buying a vineyard in Slovenia! STSWiners will recognise Roka (though the labels are new) as we have done the last couple of vintages. 2020 is the best set of releases yet, they deal in 3 varieties, Laski and Furmint (white) and Blaufrankisch (Red). 

Wow. Just wow. I admit that I hadn't had any Hungarian wine since WSET nearly 15 years ago. At that point there was only the amazing and famous Tokaji Aszu sweet wine made from Furmint, but also neutral (at best) Furmint and the stalwart but pretty horrific Bulls Blood of Eger. This new line of modern Hungarian beauties blew me away. They are imported by Balázs Rakamazi, a Dublin based chef who is an absolute pleasure and is just brimming with enthusiasm and energy to try and share these fantastic wines from his homeland. We loved all of them.