Tenuta il Palagio 'Message in a bottle' 2015

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Red Wine /// Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet // Tuscany / Italy
Delicious Tuscan red with the hallmark dusty and leathery Sangiovese tannins, deep-kick of juicy Merlot and the grip and heft from the Cabernet - this is the ultimate pasta wine. What's interesting is who produces it. It's a musician. Look at the label. That's right, Sting produces this on their beautiful estate. Sting says he spends a lot of time singing to the wine in the cellar. Apart from being delicious, the best thing about this wine is the tantric-based innuendo you can get into the tasting notes. The finish on this wine lasts longer than Sting on a Saturday night etc etc. STSWine