The Alt. White 6-Pack

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Straight forward dry whites are great and all, but why not TAKE A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE?!  Wacky blends, interesting varieties, crazy wine making methods, orange wine. These are challenging, delicious wines for sipping and to put with food - will suit the more adventurous soul! 

Starting the USA, Folk Machine White Light (White Heat) is a veritable bolt of lightening made from Tocai Fruilano, Muscadelle, Verdehlo and a smidge of Albarino - has there ever been such a blend? Arnold Holzer des Gewolz is made from Roter Veltliner, an offshoot of Gruner, but with several atmospheres more depth!

A Gacian is Chenin Blanc as you've never seen it - aged in sandstone jars to create a mesmeric voluptuousness that is balanced by the razor sharp acidity of Chenin. Sous le Manteau Orange is one of the best amber wines available, certainly the best in it's price point. Gingerbread, candy, spicecake, star anise you name it, its on the nose or the palate. Staying on skins, Succes Vinacola 'El Prat' is Spanish Macabeo with absolutely zero additions, not even any SO2, beautiful freshness meets spicy tang. Island hoping down to the Canary Island, Artifice Listan Blanco is from Tenerife and more or less exclusive to the island. This is a volcanic wine, a true product of terroir and a true experience.

Remember! These are through the looking glass wines, made for slow burn pondering not smashing back, a sense of adventure is required!