Trediberri: Piedmont Paradise 6-Pack

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Tags: Barbera, Barbera d'Alba, dogliani, Dolcetto, Langhe, Nebbiolo
Type: PACK
2 of each: Dolcetto, Barbera, Nebbiolo
Trediberri is a new entry in the Piedmont landscape making elegant, classically inspired wines from vineyards in La Morra. These wines are just gorgeous. VINOUS. ANTONIO GALLONI

It's incredible how far Trediberri have come in such a short time. They are now known for making some of the best wines that the region of Piedmont has to offer. Their Baroli are now amongst the best being produced, and their entry level wines are stellar pictures of purity and soul. This release demonstrates their winemaking prowess.
Trediberri Dolcetto Dogliana Bricco Mollea 2020 is a single vineyard plot, made in a let Dolcetto be Dolcetto style, this is amazing drinking. 60 year old Dolcetto vines, fermented in conctrete for maximum purity. Trediberri Barbera d'Alba 2021 is the best release of this wine I have seen. Typically, it is lush and concentrated, with gorgeous colour and fruit, but their is a haunting nose of truffle and brush, it is super, super authentic and is incredibly compulsive drinking. Trediberri Langhe Nebbiolo 2021 is a really serious Langhe. Summer hailstone destroyed much of the top Barolo and Rocche dell'Anunnziata vineyards, these Baroli vineyards were declassified and put into the Langhe, resulting in this Baby Barolo - a wine that will age if you want it to. Very little of this wine to go around - act quickly! STSWine