Valencian Burgundy: Bodegas Ponce 6-Pack

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Tags: Bobal, Grenache, Monastrell, Spain, Valencia
Type: PACK
The wines are extraordinary. They hover around the abv 12.% mark, they capture extraordinary freshness, with magnificent shimmering tension, silky tannins and excellent definition of fruit, they even have a colour that you could simply gawk at all day. The are all made old school but with bio-dynamically grown fruit. These are stylish wines, dare we say it again....BURGUNDIAN

The most surprising part of how Pinotesque these wines are, are the actual varieties used in the wines. Monastrell, Garnacha, Moravia Agria and Bobal are seen here as never before. Monastrell (Depaula), often a bitter, alcoholic and overextracted variety is quite frankly unrecognisable here. Garnacha (La Xara & Buena Pinta) the winemakers variety lives up to it's chameleon-like reputation. (Moravia is a small component). Bobal (Clos LojenLa Casilla & PF) is the star of the show - these are mesmeric wines. We havent even got to the best part yet - the VALUE. At €105 in the 6-Pack this is an incredible proposition. (STSWINE DEEP DIVE NOTES INCLUDED)