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Valencia does not immediately bounce to the forefront of the mind when discussing Spanish wine, yet it is part of a broad renaissance taking place. Franco’s rule only ended in 1975. Like all murderous bastards he was neither commercially minded nor any fun; he believed that wine was for the sacrament only and had most old interesting vines grubbed up in favour of high yielding international varieties and Airen – the chief component in Jerez Brandy. The renaissance in Spanish wine has been super charged in the last 15 years. It is so interesting becuase these modern wines are based on ancient varieties and techniques.

La Comarcal Bianco is made from Merseguera with a dash of Chardonnay for texture. It is racy and acidic but with a bit of body and fatness, a fab little wine. Celler del Roure 'Cullerot' is a whole galaxy of native varieties and like the reds in their range: matured in amphorae. Celler del Roure 'Vermell' and 'Safra' (like a Spanish Beaujolais) are very well known at this stage and are made primarily with the ancient grape Mandó. La Comarcal Tinto is made from the familiar Garnacha, but with some Bobal and Syrah is like a Spanish Cotes-du-Rhone. Javi Ravert is possibly the most exciting young wine maker in Valencia, his Sensal is a heady mix of Garnacha Tintorera and MOnastrell, beautifully full floral aromatics with stunning balance and purity, we love these wines. STSWine