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Warming Winter Reds

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Despite the increasing stretch we are starting to see in the evenings, there's still a lot of cold to come, so this 6-Pack utilises only big, meaty, juicy, comforting reds to enjoy beside the fire and over braises and roasts. Starting in Italy, a quintessential, dusty Chianti Classico from Cerro del Masso to put with pasta. From Sicily, also made with Sangiovese but also some Nero d'Avola for spiciness; Trullo. From Rioja, a beautiful modern example Aradon Tinto. Aloe Tree Shiraz is a juicy Shiraz from South Africa that is dangerously gluggable. Finishing in France, Les Deux Cols Cuvee d'Alize, a gorgeous Northern-inspired Rhone offering from Irishman Simon Tyrell. Lastly from family Boisset is Skalli Pinot Noir from the Languedoc - a good punchy Pinot that is right in the pocket at the moment. STSWine