Succes Vinicola 'Patxanga'

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Tags: Conca de Barbera, Trepat

"We started there when we were 21 years old; being able to work at the Viver allowed us to make the wines we wanted to make". Mariona Vendrell & Albert Canela met and fell in love while studying wine making. The have spearheaded the region's rejuvination and the use of Trepat, a still red traditionally used for sparkling.

This cuvée is named for a local iteration of street soccer and/or music played at summer festivals in the region’s tiny villages. The grapes come from 40-year-old Trepat vines in Conca de Barberà. The grapes are direct pressed into stainless steel tank for a cool spontaneous fermentation. One thousand cases are typically produced of this rosé. 12% ABV JUICE