Succes Vinicola 'El Mentider'

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Tags: Conca de Barbera, Trepat

"We started there when we were 21 years old; being able to work at the Viver allowed us to make the wines we wanted to make". Mariona Vendrell & Albert Canela met and fell in love while studying wine making. The have spearheaded the region's rejuvination and the use of Trepat, a still red traditionally used for sparkling.

Mentider is the antithesis of the previous definition. When we saw that we could get much potential out of this variety, and that what we produced was the total opposite of the general definition, we decided to name it “El Mentider.” SUCCES

Interesting wine, this is having a crack at making a more robust, heavy red out of Trepat. Stainless steel fermentation and then some age in Burgundy barrels, it's got that spicy, peppery character but with a nice little lick of oak. is there anything Trepat can't do? STSWine