Bienventano Campania Aglianico

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Tags: aglianico, south italy
This wine, made from 100% aglianico grapes, is an intense ruby red with an aromatic flavor and substantial body, persistent with hints of ripe fruit and almond. The aglianico grape is at its best in hot climates and volcanic soils, such as are found in Campania. The grape ripens late in the harvest, and produces wines that are inky black, with firm-to-huge tannins, and a powerful structure that benefits well from cellaring. Characteristics of Aglianico wine include a smooth, rich, texture and aromas and flavors of black fruit, dark chocolate, coffee, leather, smoke, and mineral. Though traditional Aglianico needs some age, many wineries are now employing modern techniques to produce wines that are ready to drink upon release. TUSCANY IMPORT