THE REAL DEAL. It’s the big time.

There are 2 options with 3 & 3 Reds & Whites (or straight Red or White):

Old World, traditional & classy
 builds The Good Stuff with Chablis, single vineyard Gruner Veltliner & a fuller central Italian white. Reds feature bright Gamay, Ribera del Duero & a Northern Italian Bordeaux style blend.

New wave, new world & new paradigm features Roter Veltliner from Austria, a 5 blend, 3 colour wine and a San Franciscan Chardonnay. New wave reds from Galicia, Cahors & Central Coast Cali.

Here is some information on the wines. Click the links to take your to further areas of interest on the STSWine network.

Old World, Traditional & Classy:

Wine: Louis Michel Petit Chablis
Country, Region: Chablis, France
Variety:  Chardonnay

To the steely Chardonnay of Chablis. The Petit in Chablis signals that the wine has been produced on Portlandian Soil and opposed to Kimmeridgian soil, upon which traditional Chablis is produced. This is a growth area. Louis Michel is one of the regions finest producers. The most famous producer is William Fevre, we have collectors items from that house HERE.

Wine: Bibi Graetz Scopeto 
Country, Region: Tuscany, Italy
Variety:  Ansonica

Bibi Graetz is the eccentric artist turned wine maker, based in Tuscany and on the mystical island of Giglio, where he has resurrected the ancient grape Ansonica. Mixed with Vermentino from nearby island of Argentario. There are very few wines around like this.

Wine: La Pressoir Alienor
Country, Region: Loire Valley, France
Variety:  Chenin Blanc
This just drips with class, the old school squat bottle holds a rich and round wine that has seen barrel ageing but with integrated fruit and toasty oak notes. Is there anything Chenin Blanc can't do? Check out out Make the Loire Great Again 6-Pack, click HERE.

Wine: Chateau Cissac 
Country, Region: Bordeaux, France
Variety:  Cabernet & Friends

A wonderful Claret, the old school name give to Left Bank Bordeaux. The region of Bordeaux is split into Left Bank, favouring Cabernet and Right Bank, favouring Merlot (for In Defence of Merlot 6-Pack, click HERE). The 'Bank' in left and right is that of the Gironde River.

Wine: Bodegas Arrocal Roble 
Country, Region: Ribera del Duero, Spain
Variety:  Tempranillo

Rioja may be the popular region for Tempranillo, but we reckon Ribera del Duero is the best! Arrocal is our favourite producer, showing big juicy wines that style have style and elegance. View the range HERE.

Wine: Gabriele Scaglione Langhe
Country, Region: Piedmont, Italy
Variety:  Nebbiolo

Nebbiolo is the King of Italian Grapes, responsible for Barolo & Barbaresco, and Gabriele Scaglione is one of the best in the business, his Langhe Nebbiolo is superb value. We also have a Langhe 6-Pack which features the best non-Barolo examples in the region (click HERE) or you could go the whole hog and look at our 2018 Barolo 6-Pack (click HERE) and all come with notes to learn more.

New Wave, New World and New Paradigm

Wine: Arnold Holzer Gewolz
Country, Region: Wagram, Austria
Variety:  Roter Veltliner

This is off the hook. The label refers to the grape Roter Veltliner, apparently a fickle diva, very demanding (in the vineyard!). This is a soulful, characterful wine, matching the razors edge acidity of cool climate Austria produces with serious complexity.

Wine: Domaine des Amiel Quitcho Quitchous 
Country, Region: Languedoc, France
Variety:  Everything

The crazy dudes at Domaine des Amiel have gone fully tonto with this one. Made with Red (Carignan & Grenache) White (Bourbelanc) and Pink (Clairette Rose) grapes, this is an enigmatic and unique wine that simply needs to be tried.

Wine: Art Terra Branco 
Country, Region: Alentejo, Portugal
Variety:  Indigenous

This Portuguese number aims to show off the terroir of the famed Antejo region, by gathering a field blend of indigenous varieties and fermenting in stainless steel to preserve freshness and purity, the schist soils make the wine shimmer.

Wine: Como do Avia Tinto
Country, Region: Galicia, Spain
Variety:  Indigenous

from Galicia, this wine also focuses on varieties you have likely not heard of (Souson, Caino Longo & Brancello). Certified organic and bio-dynamic, these are light to mid weight naturally made and bristling with rugged authenticity.

Wine: Valerie Courreges 'Zinzolin'
Country, Region: Cahors, France
Variety:  Malbec & Co. 

Cahors is another region that has struggled to modernise. It's the spiritual home of Malbec but its wines have been overshadowed by the more palate friendly Argentinian Malbec. Valerie under extracts her wines, making a softer style that does not short on complexity, and she adds Merlot and Syrah to the blend.

Wine: Folk Machine Central Coast Pinot 
Country, Region: California, USA
Variety:  Pinot Noir

Kenny Likitprakong, the former beatnik skate punk turned wine maker, makes this wine at his urban winery, the first net-zero winery in the world. This is a stunningly beautiful bottle of Pinot Noir, utterly seamless.

We hope you enjoyed the selections and we have equipped you with the tools you require to move forward and identify further areas of investigation - if you have ANY queries please do not hesitate to contact me! 

Rory Craig

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