Corporate & Private Wine Events

Station to Station Wine will come to your business or club with our unique brand of wine event and education. We deal with small and large numbers, wine beginners and wine experts. STSWine managed several Christmas parties in 2018. No gathering is too big or small, we are as comfortable in your home, company confrence room or on stage at a music festival. We garauntee there will be something for everyone.

pics - Rory Craig with partner in crime Ali Dunworth talking David Bowie & Wine at Eatyard in 2018

STSWine's Rory Craig cooking up a storm with partner in crime Ali Dunworth at the Eatyard

We can tailor events to focus on an area of your choosing. Our 3 most popular events from 2018 were; Tunes & Tipples, focusing on the connection between music and wine, Make American Wine Great Again, focusing on the vibrant new-wave of American wine currently sweeping the Californian coast, and The Crazy World of Bibi Graetz, focusing on cult Tuscan artist-turned-winemaker Bibi Graetz.

pics - Rory conducting New-Wave Vs. Old-School Tuscany to Preambles Wine Club at Blackrock Cellars in 2018

New-Wave Vs. Old School Tuscany with Preambles Wine Club in Blackrock Cellars

To get more information, to tailor an event or get a quote for your event please call 01-538-3557 or email