Who are we? What do we do?

We are PURVEYORS of the best, fun, most interesting and delicious wines available in Ireland. As an online retailer with no bricks and mortar, we can offer better value than anyone in the market.

As well as our online store is an extensive mailing list offering exclusive offers and content. One customer recently described it as a dizzying experience; playful offers like Game of Rhones are followed by 15 page, 45 wine bohemoths like Burgundy Wine School, which was both a retail offer and a beginners compendium to the wines of Burgundy. JOIN OUR LIST TO GET INVOLVED!

We PARTY! Station to Station Wine has become a fixture of the food and drink and music festival circuit. We have helped curate these festivals with our usual dizzying mix of fun and serious - crisp and wine matching followed by wine and music matching, followed by natural wine or Burgundy lectures. We can come to you as well as we do staff, Christmas and intimate dinner parties and tastings. (Contact events@stationtostationwine.ie for more info).

Our battle cry is Don't be afraid - it's only wine! And we PREACH that wine is there to be enjoyed and not dreaded. Our beginner, intermediate and expert courses tread carefully the STSWine way, carefully finding the balance between fun and insighT. Learn to navigate a shop shelf or wine list with joy. Create an armoury to get one over on that annoying wine geek in your life. Delve into the treasures of individual regions or countries, we have you covered. (Contact education@stationtostationwine.ie for more info).