CLASSICS moves up through the gears now. These are quality wines that will suit anybody that favours traditional regions, grapes & styles.

There are 2 options: Balance & Style features Loire Sauv. Blanc, Albarino, Gruner Veltliner, Burgundian style Pinot, youthful Rioja and a cool climate Cabernet Franc. Bigger & Bolder features French Chardonnay, a white Rhone style blend, Gavi, Bordeaux, Crianza Rioja & a Juicy Touriga Nacional from Portugal. (Also the option for a straight white 6 or straight red 6).

Here is some information on the wines. Click the links to take your to further areas of interest on the STSWine network.

Balance & Style:

Wine: Nicolas Idiart Loire Valley
Coutry, Region: Loire Valley, France
Variety:  Sauvignon Blanc
Stylish Sauv. Blanc, made less in the style of a Marlborough Sauv, and more of a Sancerre style - the highest expression of the variety. Its shows texture and depth. (To look at our Sauvignon Blanc 6-Pack, click HERE)

Wine: Profundo Albarino
Coutry, Region: Galicia, Spain
Variety:  Albarino
Atlantic Albarino is going to become more prominent as time goes on, essentially allowing producers outside the delimited Rias Baixas region to use the increasingly popular Albarino grape variety.

Wine: Arnold Holzer Zero-G
Coutry, Region: Wagram, Austria
Variety:  Gruner Veltliner

Gruner Veltliner has become popular in recent years that is a bit of a midway point between Chardy and Sauv. Blanc. Most interestingly it shows  re-appearing acidity! Sounds like something out of Willy Wonka!

Wine: Domaine Tacherons 
Coutry, Region: Limoux, France
Variety:  Pinot Noir

Game changer! From the Limoux region, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from here is distinctly Burgundian in nature. The Pinot is deadly - spicy, black cherries with a little lick of oak, classy.

Wine: Aradon Momento
Coutry, Region: Rioja, Spain
Variety:  Tempranillo & Garnacha

Momento is made as a snapshot in time, according to the wine maker. Tempranillo with some Garnacha and Graciano, crucially made without extended ageing for a more vital wine - a Rioja with a difference!

Wine: Vini Stocco 
Coutry, Region: Friuli, Italy
Variety:  Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc is a highly popular, old school variety found in the Loire and as a part of the supporting cast in Bordeaux. In cooler North Italy it cuts a different figure, featuring lush fruit, high acidity and a bit of a swagger.

Bigger & Bolder:

Wine: Capeography
Coutry, Region: Elgin, South Africa
Variety:  Sauvignon Blanc

Killer Sauv. Blanc from the Elgin region of South Africa, showing all that exotic and tropical fruit with a lovely savoury vale of fresh acidity. (To look at our Sauvignon Blanc 6-Pack, click HERE)

Wine: Alo Vert Imperial
Coutry, Region: Languedoc, France
Variety:  Picpoul & Rousanne
Interesting wine & what blending is about. Picpoul is a fresh and acidic variety (originally Languedoc), sometimes lacking body, Rousanne is a weighty, textural variety (originally Rhone) sometimes lacking freshness, put 'em together - presto!

Wine: La Smilla Gavi 
Coutry, Region: Monferrato, Italy
Variety: Cortese

A famous expression made from the Cortese grape  in the North of Italy, often known as a characterless dry white, this Gavi shows more on the nose and palate. (To look at other varieties from the region from Gabriele Scaglione, click HERE)

Wine: Chateau Haut-Dambert 
Coutry, Region: Bordeaux, France
Variety: Merlot & friends

Joyous wine, straight into the glass it shows of a redolent crimson hue and you know that you have a bit of Merlot on your hands. Bordelaise onslaught on the nose with tidal waves of black and blue fruits and a little bit of spice. Medium body, forest fruits on the palate, finishing nice and dry with decent length. All things to all people wine. (To look at our Merlot 6-Pack, click HERE)

Wine: Aradon Crianza
Coutry, Region: Rioja, Spain
Variety:  Tempranillo

Lovely and typical Crianza from terrific producer. (To look at our Aradon 6-Pack, click HERE). Crianza requires 2 years of ageing before release, to learn about it all. check out our Rioja Wine School 6-Pack, click HERE)

Wine: Desafinado Tinto
Coutry, Region: Duoro, Portugal
Variety: Touriga & Friends

Portugal is famous for Port, but only a certain amount of Port can be made by law, so there is generally a good supply of pristine fruit lying around made up from their indigenous varieties, the main being Touriga Nacional. In the age of climate change, Portuguese are being trialed in Bordeaux due to their heat resistant qualities.

We hope you enjoyed the selections and we have equipped you with the tools you require to move forward and identify further areas of investigation - if you have ANY queries please do not hesitate to contact me! 

Rory Craig

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