EVERYDAY HEROES is the jump off point, start your wine journey via the steady hand of our Everyday Heroes 6-Pack, featuring 3 whites and 3 reds that will shake up your palate, but go with any food, or any friends - these heroes will keep everyone happy!

There are 2 options: Bright Reds & Fresh Whites, and Bigger Reds & Rounder Whites. They speak for themselves, do exactly what they say on the tin, with the option for a straight white 6 or straight red 6.

Here is some information on the wines. Click the links to take your to further areas of interest on the STSWine network.

Bright Reds & Fresh Whites:

Wine: Via Romana
Region, Country: Friuli, Italy
Variety: Pinot Grigio

Is there a more popular white grape than Pinot Grigio? Pinot Grigio is actually just Pinot Gris, but picked a little earlier - a trick to achieve more acidity in the grape. This is what makes Grigio much racier than the rounder Gris.

Wine: Camino de la Cabana
Region, Country: Valle De Central, Chile
Variety: Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is probably as popular as Grigio, but unlike Grigio, Sauv. Blanc can show a couple of different sides to itself depending on where it's from, this Chilean is super clean and incisive. (To look at our Sauvignon Blanc 6-Pack, click HERE)

Wine: Iselen Bianco 
Region, Country: Rioja, Spain
Variety: Viura & Garnacha Blanc

A rare white wine from the very famous Red producing region of La Rioja in Spain. The whites are becoming much more prominent as the best examples like this match freshness with a bit of depth.

Wine: Aradon Tinto
Region, Country: Rioja, Spain
Variety: Tempranillo

Rioja is the red expression of Irish drinkers! We drink more per capita than anywhere in the world! This is Tempranillo, made in a Joven style, which means young. Little ageing - straight to market! (To look at our Aradon 6-Pack, click HERE)

Wine: Laureao Tinto 
Region, Country: Porto, Portugal
Variety: Portuguese Blend

Portugal makes incredible red wine as only a certain amount of their grapes can be used to produce Port, meaning there is always lots of pristine fruit to make still wine from their indigenous varieties.

Wine: Via Romana 
Region, Country: Friuli, Italy
Variety: Merlot
Merlot is the great misunderstood variety (partly because of it's mention in the Hollywood wine film Sideways - if you haven't seen, thats your homework!). It's the ultimate modern variety, mid-weight and lush.


Heftier Reds & Rounder Whites

Wine: Trullo Bianco 
Region, Country: Veneto, Italy
Variety: Verduzzo Garganega
Verduzzo Garganega is one of the oldest commercially sold varieties in the world and for good reason. Their is fresh acidity, but theres a certain weight and texture, with great length. Organic.

Wine: Agronika Passerina 
Region, Country: Abruzzo, Italy
Variety: Passerina

The most underrated grape outside of Tuscany, as the Tuscan's know and love it! Responsible for dry whites with more depth than the wines that are made from Trebbiano or Bombino.

Wine: Laureao Bianco 
Region, Country: Porto, Portugal
Variety: Portugese Blend

Made from Antoa Vaz and Arinto, which gives you weight and power and freshness (respectively). Beautiful blend that will sing with any food, even some traditional red wine dishes like red meat!

Wine: Family De Skalli Rouge 
Region, Country: Languedoc, France
Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon
One of the most famous and familiar red wine grapes, FDS make their Cabernet Sauvignon to be big and robust but consumed in youth. Lovely layers of French oak and dark fruits.

Wine: Trullo Rosso
Region, Country: Sicily, Italy
Variety: Sangiovese & Montepulciano
Sangiovese is the ultimate pasta wine, Montepulciano is the ultimate pizza wine, accordingly this wine will put you on a winner with either dish! The Sangiovese offers lovely dusty tannins, Montepulciano offers gummy dark fruit.

Wine: Iselen Tinto
Region, Country: Rioja, Spain
Variety: Tempranillo

This is a triumph, at once elegant and rich, modern Rioja but with old school charm. Made in a Joven style, it comes from young Tempranillo and Garnacha vines and is made with limited or no oak age. (To look at our Rioja Wine School 6-Pack, click HERE)

We hope you enjoyed the selections and we have equipped you with the tools you require to move forward and identify further areas of investigation - if you have ANY queries please do not hesitate to contact me! 

Rory Craig

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