Grassl Glass | Vigneron Series | Cru - SINGLE TUBE

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This is super, super premium stemware. Sexy lines and design, they're the glass equivalent of an Aston Martin, each stem is a thing of beauty. They are lighter than a feather, every sip feels as though you are drinking from a cloud. What Grassl Glass does though, is change and improve the wine you are drinking. Grassl is about performance. Each glass is tuned for a different style of wine.

CRU is a versatile red wine glass, best tuned to highlighted the lifted aromas of single varietal & terroir driven wines. It performs especially well with Burgundy, the more elegant Barolo communes and Tuscan Sangiovese. We particularly love anything from the Cote de Nuits, La Morra in Barolo Barolo & thoroughbred Tuscan Sangiovese in this glass. CRU performs very well with any red though.

Mouth blown Swiss design, Grassl Glass impacts the wine unlike any other range on the market, with different shapes each offering different encounters. The weightlessness and functional design captures the winemaker's intended signature and it is the ultimate tasting experience for any wine lover. Dishwasher safe, lead-free & durable crystal, each glass is produced by 5 artisans, each of whom must have 20 years experience to create the unique & consistent designs. View the process HERE.

Glass comes in Grassl tube with printed STSWine notes detailing the philosophy, mission and value of Grassl Glassware. STSWine