Grassl Elemental 7-Piece Set

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Grassl Glass Elemental 7-Piece Set in display case, the ultimate fine wine starter kit contains:
2 x Grassl Elemental White/Red Wine Glass
2 x Grassl Elemental Champagne Glass
1 x Grassl Carafe Decanter
2 x Grassl Water Glass

Swiss design. Mouth-blown. Grassl Glass is pursuing traditional glass making techniques with a focus on functional wine-centric glassware design. The Grassl Elemental Series is durable, functional and mouth-blown glassware for the casual wine taster. Grassl

It is time to put your wine into something better! This 7 piece represents the perfect starting point for quality stemware. Following the same production process as the Vigneron Range, 5 artisans with 20 years experience each are required to make each stem. This century of experience creates the ultimate wine drinking experience now. Let your wine be all it can be! STSWine