STSWine Waiter's Friend Cork Screw

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  • €8,00


I love an elaborate and huge corkscrew. The anticipation from pulling out what looks like a backgammon case adds to the drama of opening a nice wine - and you have to clear off half the table to do it.

I love ornate openers too, I have a beautiful Laguiole that cuts me every time I open something - I have even broken a bottle in the process. I always admire it as I am bleeding on it though.

I REALLY LOVE a simple Olympia Waiters Friend. Sometimes you feel like you will not survive without wine for any more than the 6 seconds required to open a bottle with this beauty. Serrated knife to get the foil off in an orderly fashion (mangling foil is like disrespecting an author by dog-earing the pages of their book), double hinge for minimum effort and straight upward force to remove the cork - it is nigh on impossible to fuck this up (though I have). 

This is an essential piece of kit for an household that has wine. 

(NB: Do not throw out the old bunnyears/winged corkscrew, these are fantastic for deliberately shredding a cork in case a guest brings over something heinous, you can destroy it and then open something nice with your STSWine Waiter's Friend)